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Spoiler Alert: Equate Recommendation: Don’t Do it – Seriously Don’t Here’s why. Windows 11 arrived on October 5, 2021. Unlike the big […]
A surprising number of my fellow IT Professionals need to wake up and see what is coming before it’s far […]
Last week Microsoft released software updates to plug at least 44 security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems and related products. The software […]
Phishing attacks are “by far” the most common vector for data breaches, according to a new survey by the UK’s […]
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We started something new 2019 with our clients who networks we manage. With our guidance, we have been migrating our […]
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WiFi is about to get faster. Read this to understand what WiFi 6 is and if you need it rush out and buy new kit
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The SolarWinds hack by alleged Russian backed hacker groups that targeted US government agencies and private corporations maybe even worse than officials first believed. Some 250 US federal agencies and businesses now understood to be directly affected, the New York Times reported.
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For the last decade or so, two different types of wireless technology have happily coexisted. WiFi is a local area network (LAN) used primarily indoors, inside a home or workplace. And 3G then 4G is used by all the major mobile operators. It is a wide-area network (WAN) that can be used both indoors and outdoors, generally over long distances.