Cyber advice for the Russia Ukraine crisis

Practical tips for defending your business from cyber attacks.

This video is a recording of the breakfast briefing delivered to Equate Group’s customers on March 4th 2022, in light of the current geopolitical situation.

We break down the threat in an easy-to-understand way and the latest updates and intelligence.

Microsoft Patch Update – August 2021

Last week Microsoft released software updates to plug at least 44 security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems and related products. The software giant warned that attackers are already pouncing on one of the flaws. Ironically enough involves an easy-to-exploit bug in the software component responsible for patching Windows 10 PCs and Windows Server 2019 machines. Microsoft said attackers have seized upon CVE-2021-36948, which … Read more

Installing Outlook on iOS

To add outlook to your iOS device. Download the Microsoft Outlook app from the Apple App Tap on the Outlook app once it is installed. Tap Get Started. Enter your email address and then tap Add Account. Enter your password and then tap Sign In. To add your account to the mail app. Go to Settings > Mail, then tap … Read more

Adding Outlook to Android

Sometimes adding a new app can be tricky. If you need to add Outlook to your Android device, please follow these steps and you should be up and running in no time. Tap the Play Store app, then. Tap in the Search Box. Type Outlook and tap Microsoft Outlook. Tap Install, then tap Accept. Open … Read more