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Avaya provides a range of software to support their IP telephone systems.

Avaya Communicator and Management Software

Avaya Communicator Software



Bring all your communication modes together in a single client, giving you a common interface across platforms, including Android, Windows, and iPad. Connecting with others for conversations, meetings, and projects gets easier when you’re using just one integrated communications centre.

The Avaya Communicator client’s clean, graphical interface is easy to use, and tailors to your business tasks and individual profile; including your device and location. Use an IM-like client design to interact with your colleagues, partners and customers. Buddy and contact lists let you see who is available and the communication choices you have. Move seamlessly between IM/presence, voice, video, conferencing, and web collaboration.

The main interface includes:

  • Quick-view dashboard of user names, availability status, and message indicators
  • Contact list showing presence status and available communication alternatives
  • Call functions, including call controls, conference call roster, and participant count
  • Media controls to move between communication modes

IP Office Web Manager


IP Office Web Manager

IP Office Web Manager is a browser based management tool designed to simplify the installation and maintenance process by providing an intuitive and user-friendly management tool that runs on most standard browsers. The IP Office Web Manager eliminates the need to have windows operating system as it can run on any device that supports standard browsers.

A version of IP Office Web Manager is available for each type of IP Office operating mode. Web Manager provides access to most, but not all, configuration settings.

One-X Portal Software


One-X Portal

Avaya one-X® Portal is a web-based unified communications client that consolidates access to critical voice applications in a simple consistent interface. Avaya one-X® Portal is implemented and managed centrally and does not require software to be installed on user PCs. It brings together control of telephony (Avaya Aura® Communication Manager), conferencing (Avaya Meeting Exchange Enterprise), and messaging (Avaya Modular Messaging with the Avaya Message Storage Server).

Office System Status


Office System Status

Check the operational status of your system,
see calls in progress and much more.

Receptionist software


The first point of contact for many business, the Receptionist software allows for calls to be placed on hold and transferred easily.