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Multichannel contact centre functionality for medium-sized companies where customer service is a key priority

  • Targeted at existing or potential IP Office customers with up to 250 agents, with typically up to 2000 users
  • Superior customer service and interaction across multiple channels
  • Optimum agent productivity and consistency
  • High agent performance
  • Better agent training and conflict resolution
  • Faster query resolution

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  • Full system pre-installed
  • All software components are pre-installed for a voice and   multimedia solution, packaged in a single box
  • Includes all ACCS service packs
  • Includes onboard Avaya Media Server and local WebLM for licensing
  • Rapid deployment
Three OVAs required (recommended installation order 1-3)
  1. WebLM OVA – Linux based WebLM server – can use existing deployed WebLM if not already used for any CC licensing
  2. AMS OVA – Red Hat Linux based AMS 7.6
  3. Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition Sp1 OS
  • Minimum configuration to support ACCS deployment
  • Customer provides the Windows OS licence at install time (can be MS activated later)
  • ACCS Voice & MM software
  • Ignition wizard installs ACCS with templated data
  • Templated Database contains pre-configured CC elements (agents, skillsets, supervisors, flows etc.)
  • Single Avaya supplied DVD
  • Customer supplied H/W, OS and OS licences
  • Optional 2-step commission process (partner lab or customer site)


  • IP500v2 (R9.1)

–Up to 30 active/logged-in agents
–Up to 150 configured agents
–Up to 30 supervisors

  • Server Edition/Select (R9.1)

–Up to 250 active/logged-in agents
–Up to 1250 configured agents
–Up to 250 supervisors

  • 100% recording of all agent calls (wh



IPOSS is mandatory for ACCS and should be quoted with
EVERY ACCS solution.