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Equate can provide a range of communications management software solutions that enable managers to get the true picture of telephony within the organisation.

TIM Talk

Call-Recording TIM Talk

TIM Professional is a pioneering call logger
that set the standards on which all others are based.

TIM Talk is a unique call recording proposition combining an award-winning call logging platform with a cutting-edge hardware device - the Magic Box - that passively intercepts your phone lines, monitoring and recording all calls to and from your organisation.


It does not matter whether you have analogue lines, Basic Rate or Primary Rate (E1) lines.  The real beauty of this solution is the complete integration between our TIM call logger's and the recorder.  Unlike many other call recorders, you can easily retrieve and listen to any call in seconds from any web-browser with no requirement for additional client software at the client PC.  In fact any authorised user can retrieve a single call or series of calls in seconds for immediate playback.


The call logger collects the SMDR data from your telephone system(s) while the magic box sits between your incoming lines and telephone system to automatically record them.  We then marry both up and tag the recording on to each call as just another call property.


The TIM Plus interface is positioned in the SME space (allowing you to log up to 5 sites on a single license), while TIM Enterprise is positioned to cater for large enterprise (allowing an unlimited number of sites to be logged).


The 'Magic Box' is the call recording module that can be added to either of these products to allow you to also record all calls in and out of these sites.


By integrating the Magic Box technology directly into our TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise call logging products, the end result - TIM Talk - is an unprecedented ability to listen to the actual audio of any phone call in any standard call logging report!  Using the standard web browser interface of the call logger, limited by web logins, users can only access information and recordings related to their own part of the business.

So now, with appropriate access, wherever a user sees an individual call anywhere throughout the entire call logging system, they can click on the speech bubble icon alongside the call... and listen to it!