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Communication Assistant (CA)

This intuitive pc-based application suite offers a toolkit of point-and-click features that can be used with or without a server to improve the way your communications work.


Communication Assistant Express / Pro Software

CA Basic - Express / Pro

You can easily make calls by simply searching
for a desired contact from a customisable contact
list. You can also see the phone status and PC
status of employees in remote rooms or branches
from the PC on your desk.

Communication Assistant Operator Console

CA Operator Console

You can perform call parking and call transferring
with simple drag-and-drop operations in the
graphical interface. Multi-site support is also
available when using one-look networking.


CA Supervisor

CA Supervisor

Supervisors can monitor the performance of set
extension groups in real-time with simple mouse
operations and manage operators by listening in on
telephone conversations and taking over calls.