A Unified comms solution

Using a cloud based telecoms system is becoming the go to approach for small and large business alike. A truly unified approach to telecoms, brings all of your devices under one telecommunications system. Effortlessly use your office phone system across multiple devices, including mobiles, laptops and desktops. A fast, effective and reliable solution for both office work and has native allowances and benefits for home working.

Cloud based phone systems provide platform Interoperability

The main idea with cloud based telecoms is to break down the boundaries put in place by the hardware you are using.

Gone are the days when if you where out of the office you would miss your calls. Now with your phone system being based in the cloud, that call can come through to your mobile or even your computer. 

Fast and reliable, it offers an ideal solution for remote working, with ease your workforce can move from the office to home and still receive all the usual communication, without any need for number diverts.




Complete CRM integration

Another great benefit to our cloud based phone system is the ability to integrate seamlessly with an extensive list of CRM software and that list is getting bigger.

Integration poses several benefits to a business. For example, when a customer calls their information can be automatically retrieved and displayed automatically, saving you a significant amount of time each call, which soon mounts up into money saved through greater efficiency and provides a highly enjoyable user experience.

connectwise crm phone integration
Autotask crm phone integration
bullhorn crm integration
salesforce crm integration
dezrez crm integration
goldmine crm integration

Cloud based phone systems – An ideal business telecoms solution

Why have unified comms?

Telecoms, as always, is central to the effective running of any business and as your business becomes more flexible to deal with modern day challenges, so should your telecoms system. 

Unified phone systems provide the flexibility you need. Bringing all of your devices under one cloud based service means you can manage your business workflow from the office, home, car or restaurant, whatever suits your needs.

Seamlessly transfer calls between devices and manage your telephone system from the comfort of your own home with our clients and web based management suites. 

  • All the features of regular business telecoms systems
  • Cloud based system can be used anywhere with an internet connection
  • Cross platform system can be used on many devices
  • Simple and powerful user interface
  • Powerful user analytics tools
  • The flexibility to switch between office and home working
  • Aids business continuity in uncertain times

Conference calling capabilities

hosted telecoms conference call

No business telecoms system would be complete without teleconferencing capabilities. Indeed, our cloud based telecoms solution is no different. 

Integrating with leading conferencing hardware, desktops and mobiles. Unified comms will deliver the richest conferencing experiences available.

polycom conferencing
cisco conferencing
yealink teleconferencing with voip

Teams direct routing

Integrate your telecoms with Microsoft 365.

Teams direct routing offers a cloud based telecoms solution that integrates directly with office 365, giving you a powerful way to bring all of your contacts under one system, share documents and collaborate on a scale never before seen.

  • Make and receive calls on Microsoft Teams.
  • Link all of your email, messaging and phone contacts.
  • Highly cost effective solution.
  • Simplistic, easy to use interface