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Acronyms and abbreviations prevail throughout the world of communications. Here we we list some of the more relevant TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) and FLAs plus other abbreviations and words which may help you understand our products and services better.

Popular Acronyms.

DDI / DID - Direct Inward Dial / Direct Inward Dial. An external number allocated to a specific user of a telephone system.

DECT - Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone. A home or office cordless phone which replaces a traditional handset.

IP - Internet Protocol. A system used for communicating data over the Internet.

LAN - Local Area Network. A computer network generally in a single office or building.

PBX - Private Branch Exchange. A small telephone exchange used in offices and buildings

PoE - Power over Ethernet. A means to provide power for IP based telephones etc.

POTS - Plain Old Telephone System. A basic old style telephone with handset, buttons and cables.

QoS - Quality of service. The service level provided.

SIM - Subscriber Identification Module. A small card chip containing the telephone number and address book for a mobile phone.

SIP - Session Initiation Protocol. A protocol used for setting up VoIP voice communications and multimedia sessions.

SMS - Small Message System. Essentially mobile TEXT (TXT) messages.

VLAN - Virtual local-area network

VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol. The system which permits telephony over the Internet.

VPN - Virtual Personal Network. A computer network generally connected between two independent sites.

WAN - Wide Area Network. Another name for the Internet. A network that covers a larger area than a LAN or VPN.

Words used in the world of Communications.

Soft phones - These are phones that work through a computer, they use a microphone and speakers or a headset and some software to allow the user to make and receive telephone calls.