Making home working easy

Working from home, while convenient is not without its challenges. WiFi drop outs and blackspots, diverting office numbers to different phones and sharing documents with your colleagues are just a few. At Equate, we can custom build a package to suit your needs. Bringing your office to your home gives you the tools you need to keep business systems running, take calls, manage employees and stay operational.

Stay connected wherever you are

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Stay connected with a hosted telecoms package, unifying your telephone system and using networks instead of traditional phone lines means you can use one number across multiple devices. take calls from your office line and extension on your mobile, desktop or laptop or seamlessly transfer between them

Home working. The greener approach to life 

Working from home has been shown to reduce not only the impact on our environment and business overheads, but also stress and anxiety, which improves employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, productivity and performance. Leading to an all round better customer experience.

Equates home working packages offer the security, reliability, performance and the ability to make home working the right solution for you

Online team collaboration

  • Share documents and files in real time
  • Collaborate on projects and give presentations
  • Make and receive calls, conferences and more

With Microsoft365 and Teams direct routing, it has never been easier to work together. Share documents and files, edit documents in real time, get your team together for a brain storm or simply maintain a secure and stable line of connection. whatever your business needs we can be sure we have the right solution.

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