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Get the Right Connectivity Solution Equate understands that connectivity for clients is the life line of their business. Getting the right solution is key for now and in the future, with ever increasing demands for cloud computing, voice services and bandwidth hungry devices /requirements.


Equate tailors connectivity solutions to client’s needs. This can include ADSL2+, FTTC, EFM, DIA, fibre, leased lines through to Wimax solutions with various combinations.


Equate Group being a BT wholesale provider allows us to offer all the traditional voice services (analogue to ISDN), but there is also increasing demand for VOIP / SIP based solutions. Equate provides both with home working and hosted solutions becoming more prevalent as time goes on.


With increasing requests for cloud computing and video conferencing there is high demand on connectivity. Equate will make sure it supplies not just the right bandwidth connection but also makes sure that resilience and usage allowance are taken into consideration for those services.


It’s not just a question of having the highest bandwidth for clients sites, Equate will always make sure reliability and resilience are at the top of the list. Options for disaster recovery are always offered in our services.

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