Comprehensive WiFi packages and home working network solutions

Equate Group provides all levels of best practice WiFi deployment management from simple support assistance to fully managed and maintained across multiple properties.

Business wireless

  • Complete WiFi coverage
  • Fully secure
  • VLANs
  • Guest networks
  • IoT Segregation

Domestic wireless

  • Complete WiFi coverage (even in the garden and outbuildings)
  • Fully secure
  • Designed for home working
  • Traffic shaping that can handle everyone on Netflix at once.

PTP and PTMP networks

  • Long-range
  • High-speed wireless networking
  • Point to Point (PTP) or Point to Multi-Point design
  • Configuration and deployment

Outdoor Mesh WiFi

  • Full outdoor coverage
  • Suitable for campuses
  • Perfect for caravan sites
  • Ideal for campsites
  • Arenas and other venues
Bespoke home working packages

We have decades of experience in best practice wireless networking for SMB & domestic needs. The best running WiFi networks are the ones you don’t have to worry about and that is our specialty. We will evaluate your needs and create the best comprehensive solution for your budget.

Have our team of professionals survey your WiFi network

Unleash the potential of superfast and highly accessible WiFi networks. Eliminate blackpots, fix signal problems and maintain healthy, secure and reliable infrastructure.

  • Network design and deployment
  • Internal, external and point to point
  • Point to multipoint (PTMP) links
  • 5ghz & 2.4ghz

Total WiFi Coverage throughout your entire site with our managed WiFi networks

Before our WiFi audit

wifi diagram before install

As you can see, our client had a serious issue with blackspots and signal attenuation throughout the premises.

After our WiFi

WiFi diagram after install equate managed WiFi souluiton

Our IT professionals planned and implemented a full overhaul of the clients WiFi network achieving full coverage. 

Segmented Guest Wifi

Allow your clients and guests safe access to your network, let them surf the web and send a receive messages whilst keeping them separate from your integral systems.

Guest Wifi

  • Run along side your existing network
  • Have either open or use a variety of authentication methods
  • Schedule session time to prevent abuse

Guest Wifi is
used in

  • Offices and business premises
  • Gyms, swimming pools and other leasure facilities
  • Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants and other hospitality venues

Unsure what managed WiFi solution is best for your business?

Are we the right choice for your business? Give us a try! We are very clear with our customers when it comes to our capabilities. If you are looking for services that are outside of our area of expertise, we will let you know. We prefer to pass on an opportunity rather than attempt to build a solution we’re unsure of.

  • Get a comprehensive analysis of your network
  • Our team will design a purpose built solution to meet your needs
  • Check the integrity of your other comms systems while we are there
  • See what updates, upgrades or integrations are right for you
  • Fast, friendly and reliable service

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