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Equate Merchant Services

Equate merchant services terminal

Equate offers a range of merchant services that can speed up your cash flow, take payments via cards and offer a powerful real time transaction portal online to name a few:

Terminal based payment:

  • Corded/Countertop
  • Bluetooth/Wireless
  • Mobile GPRS

Online payments including:

  • MOTO/Virtual Terminal (Mail Order Telephone Order)
  • Hosted Form
  • Payments API

Main benefits:

  • Online portal to see daily, weekly or monthly transactions (Revolution)
  • Very competitive rates and costs for terminals
  • Speed up cash flow with payments in their bank in 2-3 days vs. up to 5 days with a cheque
  • Terminal based and online payment services from 1 provider
  • Increase their sales by accepting cards
  • Reduce the cash in their till so business premises are less vulnerable
  • Reduce their bank account charges
  • No more ‘cheques in the post!’
  • No more trips to the bank

Revolution is a unique application that consolidates terminal and online transactions in one central portal:

Revolution Merchant Services Portal

There are many advantages to using the Revolution portal.

You can analyse your transaction data easily

and you can generate extensive reports.