Equate group’s vehicle and mobile tracking solutions

Equate’s mobile tracking solution provides a very powerful and analytical tool for companies measuring performance, improving employee safety and reducing carbon footprints:

Our package boasts many benefits

  • Measures and validate actual performance throughout the working day whether in a vehicle, on foot or in a building
  • Reduce costs (e.g valid overtime and business mileage claims)
  • Improve productivity by reducing non-productive time and travel
  • Reduce administration for mobile employees, office staff and management
  • Improve legislative compliance – and avoid prosecution
  • Lower fuel usage and related vehicle costs (e.g. maintenance) by reducing non-productive mileage and speeding
  • Improve employee safety at work and whilst driving – both in company vehicles and the ‘Grey Fleet’
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce ‘Bent Metal and insurance costs and time lost due to accidents by managing driver activity (e.g. speeding, fatigue and distractions)
  • Very quick to implement – can be live ‘Day One

Using the tracking portal site, you’ll be able to see many different reports and views showing staff movements and activity

Mobile Device Software (MyFix)

Mobile app that turns Smartphones and other GPS enabled devices in to very accurate tracking devices.

Live 24/7 visibility of your mobile workforce

Maximise productivity, operational efficiency and cash flow

Guaranteed levels of service and accountability to your clients

Reduce discrepancies on timesheets and mileage claims

Product Features

  • Works automatically – employee is not able to choose when (or if) they are tracked.
  • Very accurate information – distances measured every 5 seconds, 15 second GPS position updates and screens updated every 60 seconds.
  • Tracks all movements – Business, Private, Passenger and Walking journeys (i.e. no gaps in the information during the working day).
  • Can be used in any vehicle (including the ‘Grey Fleet’).
  • Manages abuse – records more than 40 events and settings on the smartphone (or rugged device), and time is managed independently from what appears on the phone.
  • Minimises battery drain – proprietary technology.
  • Privacy is fully automated – no employee or union issues.