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Equate’s mobile tracking solution provides a very powerful and analytical tool for companies measuring performance, improving employee safety and reducing carbon footprints:

Mobile WOrkforce Tracking

*Distances measured using GPS every 5 seconds and GPS positions recorded every 15 seconds to provide accurate information that is updated every 60 seconds.

Key Benefits

  • Measures and validate actual performance throughout the working day whether in a vehicle, on foot or in a building..
  • Reduce costs (e.g valid overtime and business mileage claims)
  • Improve productivity by reducing non-productive time and travel
  • Reduce administration for mobile employees, office staff and management
  • Lower fuel usage and related vehicle costs (e.g. maintenance) by reducing non-productive mileage and speeding
  • Improve employee safety at work and whilst driving – both in company vehicles and the ‘Grey Fleet’
  • Reduce ‘Bent Metal and insurance costs and time lost due to accidents by managing driver activity (e.g. speeding, fatigue and distractions)
  • Improve legislative compliance - and avoid prosecution
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Very quick to implement – can be live ‘Day One’


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