DMARC Deadlines Approaching: What You Need to Know

We’ve got you covered! At Equate Group Ltd., we’ve taken proactive measures to ensure all our customers are prepared for the new DMARC requirements set by Google and Yahoo. Here’s a TLDR rundown of what we’ve done and what you need to do:

What We’ve Done

  1. Deployed Valimail:
    • We have implemented Valimail for all our customers to manage DMARC compliance seamlessly.
  2. Configured SPF and DKIM:
    • Ensured all customer domains have proper SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) records.
  3. Published DMARC Policies:
    • Established a minimum “p=none” DMARC policy in your DNS records to monitor email activity.
  4. Ongoing Monitoring:
    • Set up continuous monitoring and reporting to identify any unauthorized use of your domain.

What We Need from You

  1. Identify External Services:
    • Inform us about any third-party services (like MailChimp, Mailgun/Sinch, SendGrid, etc.) that send emails on behalf of your domain. This allows us to whitelist them properly.
  2. Maintain Email Hygiene:
    • Ensure low spam rates and include one-click unsubscribe options in all marketing emails by June 2024.

Why This Matters

Google and Yahoo’s New Rules

Starting February 2024, email senders need to adhere to the following:

  1. Authenticate Your Emails:
    • Use SPF and DKIM to authenticate your emails, ensuring they are legitimate and not spoofed.
  2. Publish a DMARC Policy:
    • Have at least a “p=none” policy in your DNS records to monitor email activities.
  3. Maintain Low Spam Rates:
    • Keep your spam complaint rate below 0.3% to avoid being flagged and having emails rejected.
  4. PTR Records:
    • Ensure your sending IPs have proper forward and reverse DNS records to verify legitimacy.
  5. One-Click Unsubscribe:
    • By June 2024, all marketing emails must include a one-click unsubscribe feature that honors requests within two days.

Benefits of Compliance

  1. Better Deliverability:
    • Authenticated emails have a higher chance of landing in the inbox rather than the spam folder.
  2. Enhanced Security:
    • DMARC helps prevent phishing and spoofing, making your emails more trustworthy.
  3. Insightful Reporting:
    • DMARC reports provide feedback on your email traffic, helping you quickly identify and address unauthorized use of your domain.

In conclusion, with Valimail already in place for our customers, you’re set to navigate these new requirements effortlessly. By ensuring all external email services are properly whitelisted and maintaining compliance, we can ensure that your email campaigns remain effective and secure. So, roll up your sleeves, check your DNS records, and make sure you’re ready for February 2024. Your emails, and your recipients, will thank you.

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