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Business Telephony Solutions

The traditional view of telephone systems is that it’s always a stand alone product which is installed and untouched for 5 years, this stance has drastically changed with the evolving technology.

Telephone systems are now integral to the day to day working and efficiency of your company. It is therefore essential you are advised in the right manner to get the right solution for your business needs.

SIP Trunking

With Openreach stopping ISDN by 2025, SIP Trunking is the new way of making calls from your phone system. The benefits to upgrading to SIP:

  • Cost savings with inclusive minutes to 01/02/03 and mobile calls
  • Lower costs for lines/channels rental
  • Flexibility with numbers
  • Increasing capacity of lines/channels with a click of a mouse
  • Free fraud management
  • Increased business continuity with routing plans, load sharing between sites or connections
  • Stats available for management and reporting

Ask yourself some questions

  • Can I integrate my accounts/CRM software with my telephones?
  • Can I be contacted anywhere without delays & diverts?
  • Can calls coming in be directed to the right departments?
  • Can one person manage the phone system easily, for instance voicemail?
  • Can I have two sites and can we link the phone systems?
  • Can I record calls for legal and contractual agreements?
  • Can I pick up my voicemail on the move?
  • Can I work from home easily?
  • Am I looking for a new maintenance company?

Our Telephony Systems

The right solution for you

Panasonic conferencing

Equate Group have been recognized by Panasonic as one of the select few IP Solution providers


NS1000 is a cost effective SIP based communication solution. It is IP focused for sites with 30-250 users. It is focused to primarily make use of SIP trunks with legacy TDM trunks for back-up. One main unit can meet the needs of up to 640 users which can be scaled up to a 1000 users.


The Panasonic NCP500 / NCP1000 is a converged communications solution that uses both voice and IP technology to deliver intelligent ways for you to reduce cost, increase productivity, and improve customer service for your business

Panasonic NS700

Designed specifically for small or medium-sizedbusinesses looking to take advantage of Panasonic’s reputation for quality technology, without needing a huge budget, the KX-NS700 unified communications solution is a small system with the ability to manage big future growth. 

Panasonic mobile softphone client

hosted telecoms mobile solution
  • Supports Audio/ Video Calls
  • Smartphone works as a company phone extension
  • Push Notifications
  • Security Features
  • Simple installation
  • Integrates into NS700 and NS1000 phone systems

Mobile Softphone is a Panasonic brand business phone application that brings audio and visual communication together in your mobile device. It lets you use your smartphone as a company phone wherever you are, while maximizing mobility and minimizing costs.

We also off a full range of Panasonic handsets

The scalable Avaya™ IP Office delivers advanced IP-enabled communication and contact centre functionality with tools for effective management, and applications for improved productivity, efficiency and information flow throughout your business. Use it as a voice solution, employing IP technology, more traditional telephony, or a combination of both, and benefit from a comprehensive set of telephony features. Use it as a data solution to deliver both local area and wide area networking capability. And because it’s an all-in-one solution, you can use it as a converged solution, meeting both your voice and data requirements. Avaya IP Office also provides networking capability so you can deploy it across a number of locations with one central management point.

Avaya IP Office – 500

Now Avaya IP Office500, with new software and modular hardware package, makes secure, reliable IP telephony affordable for even very small businesses.

Avaya IP Office – Server Edition

IP Office Server Edition provides IP Office telephony capabilities, unified communications, mobility and collaboration, provides high availability, ease of use, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Targeted at the Midsize Enterprise, IP Office Server Edition supports up to 32 sites, 2000 users and comprehensive resilience.

Highlights of IP Office Server Edition Solution

  • Supports 100 to 2000 users as a fully integrated solution
  • Add Server Edition Expansion System to increase the capacity and capabilities
  • Deploy IP Office Server Edition Solution as a centralized or distributed set
  • Highly cost effective for an IP only or an hybrid of IP and analog set up
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Centralized administration
  • Centralized licensing

IP Office Server Edition supports extensive unified communications features optimized for IP Telephony. Supports native IP, digital, and analog trunks and extensions. Integrates messaging, collaboration, mobility, and presence features Offers out of the box resilience. Supports all IP Office endpoints and trunks including Avaya Flare® Experience, video conferencing, DECT, and Wi-Fi

IP Office Editions

IP Office Server Edition is designed to complement the existing range of IP Office editions to enable Midsize Enterprise customers to benefit from the extensive IP Office features whilst adding integrity and capacity:

Basic Edition

Platform – IP 500 V2

Users – <25

Essential Edition

Platform – IP 500 V2

Users – 20 – 99

Preferred Edition

Platform – IP 500 V2

Users – 21 – 250

Advanced Edition

Platform – IP 500 V2

Users – 21 – 250

Server Edition

Platform – Linux Server, IP 500 V2and Linux Expansion

Users – 100 – 2000

Avaya IP Office – Select Edition

IP Office Select includes all the features of Server Edition plus enterprise-grade functionality. It is targeted at largemid-market customers (1000-2500 users) with more sophisticated communications requirements. It combinesenterprise-class scalability, resiliency and security, as well as the simplicity, flexibility and value of the IP OfficePlatform.

  • Supports up to 2500 users across 150 sitesas a fully integrated solution. Dell R620 (or Virtual required to achieve scale enhancements.
  • 250 Voicemail ports (500 with dual VM Pro).
  • LDAP/ACTIVE Directory user synchronization
  • High availability when reployed on VMWare.
  • IP Office Select is a mode that is configured in the core IP Office and validated by licensing.
  • All systems/nodes within the deployment must be the same, either all IP Office Select or all Server Edition.
  • IP Office Select licences will only be supported via PLDS. ADI cannot be used for Select.
  • For customers wanting to upgrade to Select, existing Server Edition licences need to be migrated by purchasing a new set of Select licenses.

Avaya IP Office – Contact Center

Multichannel contact centre functionality and simplicity for medium-sized companies where customer service is important.

  • Targeted at existing or potential IP Office customers with 5 to 250 agents, with typically between 50 to 500 users
  • Superior customer service and interaction
  • Optimum agent productivity and consistency
  • High agent performance
  • Better agent training and conflict resolution
  • Faster query resolution

Avaya IP Office – Contact Center Select

Multichannel contact centre functionality for medium-sized companies where customer service is a key priority.

  • Targeted at existing or potential IP Office customers with up to 250 agents, with typically around 2000 users
  • Superior customer service and interaction across multiple channels
  • Optimum agent productivity and consistency
  • High agent performance
  • Better agent training and conflict resolution
  • Faster query resolution