Today, I embarked on a challenging yet exhilarating mission: to complete a triathlon in every UK city. Nine months from now, I hope to have every single city checked off the list – all 78 of them.

My journey began in Oxford, Oxfordshire, at Blackbird Leys Pool with a refreshing 1.5km swim. Testing my limits right from the start, I knew this was just the beginning and one of the toughest parts of the entire nine months. Despite the challenge, I managed to complete the swim in a respectable 48 minutes. The water was cool and invigorating, the perfect wake-up call for the long day ahead.

Next up was the bike ride, the second leg of the triathlon. My body took a few minutes to adjust from the swim, but fortunately, the sun decided to make an appearance, warming me up and setting the perfect stage for the ride ahead. Cycling through Oxford was a treat. One of the highlights was passing by the John Radcliffe Hospital, a place that holds a special spot in my heart as it has supported my family and me over the past five years. Here, I was greeted by my brother, Quintin, along with the wonderful Sarah Vaccari of Oxford Hospital Charity. Their encouragement was a great boost as I prepared for the final part of the race. The 40km cycle took me 2 hours and 48 minutes, a solid start with plenty of room for improvement.

Finally, it was time for the 10km run. By this point, I felt like an ordinary person up against extraordinary athletes. My legs were heavy, and my energy was waning, but I pushed through the initial fatigue, keeping a steady pace for the first 8km. Realising I needed an energy boost, I grabbed a sandwich, a Mars bar, and some jelly babies – a perfect combination to get me through the last stretch. With renewed energy, I powered through the final 2km in 16 minutes, finishing the run in 1 hour and 8 minutes. Not bad at all for a Sales Director!

In total, the triathlon took me a whopping 4 hours and 35 minutes to complete. Reflecting on this experience, it’s clear this journey won’t be straightforward. Weather, health, and logistics will all play significant roles. But as a sports enthusiast who never gives up, I’m ready for the challenge. Over the next 77 triathlons, I aim to improve my times and push through any obstacles. With the incredible support of Oxford Hospital Charity, AutoRaise, National Paralympic Heritage Trust, my sponsor Equate Group, and my family and friends, I am determined to complete this mission.

This is just the start of an incredible journey, and I can’t wait to see it through to the end. Each city will present its own unique challenges and experiences, but the goal remains the same: to complete every triathlon, support my chosen charities, and inspire others to take on their own challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem. Here’s to the next 77 cities and the adventures that await!

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